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Finding an RB26DETT Engine with price breakdown

Recently a customer purchased a used complete RB26DETT with mission axles and driveshaft.

This is the price breakdown of what he paid for the complete transaction. The engine and mission will need to be repacked to withstand international shipment.

Final bid price: 120,000
Final bid fee (20%): 24,000
Handling fee: 20,930
Boxing fee: 30,000
Air shipping to customer's door: 232,436

Total 427,366 or 4,546.45 USD.

Even if you could get one locally how much would it cost you?

Not bad for a complete RB26DETT unit with drivetrain. is run and owned by RHDJapan. We are qualified to ship these, get them cleared through customs and delivered directly to your door. Any questions, please contact us!


Cheap JDM ECU computers direct from bidJDM

This is the price breakdown of what he paid for the complete transaction.

Final bid price: 3,000
Final bid fee (20%): 600
Handling fee: 1,950
Air shipping to customer's door: 2,800

Total 8,350 or 87.89 USD

Even if you could get one locally how much would it cost you?

Not bad for a Code 63 SR ECU.

Here is a video on finding cheap ECUs through bidJDM. Its really easy to do once you master the navigation of our site. Please check it out.


Requesting a Refund

Next up in the tutorials is the refund request. We have been getting many emails on how to do this. It is a very easy process actually.

1. When you are logged in go to the My Account section.
2. Click Account Details.
3. Click Refund.
4. Choose Paypal refund or Bank refund.
5. Enter the amount you want to be refunded.
6. Click Send Request.
7. Get your money sent back by us personally.


Won auctions

Things have been going quite well with the beta testing of the site. No major bugs to be found and we are taking in all the feedback that you are all giving us. Please keep it coming!! We are at 298 total bids placed in the system so far!! Woo Hoo!!

For those of you who are interested to see what kinds of parts people are buying you can access that here

Won Auctions


Shipping Calculator

Another week of beta testing and things are moving smoothly. We finally go the shipping calculator up so you can accurately predict what is over sized with SAL, what the shipping costs will be and so on. We decided to do it in a popup so you could keep it open while you surf.

Centimeters are the standard measurement for measuring volumetric weight so there was no way around using that as the size but Im sure most of you will be fine with that. So now you can estimate the total cost to you for an auction item with great ease and accuracy. Please give it a shot! Dealers will have access to LCL shipping and containers so in this case the calculator may not be useful. But for those of you who found that pristine Kouki bumper for 1,000 yen (10 dollars), the shipping may surprise you. Just because its light doesnt always mean its cheap to ship...


Using copy and paste from item titles

In this post I think I will focus on how to use the titles of the items in your search results to better your search strategies. One of the most useful is to use copy and paste! Back before I knew much Japanese I would navigate to products using English then copy bits of their Japanese titles and paste them in the search to find out what words would produce what goods. In a nut shell it would go like I have explained in the pics.

Here is the results I have pulled out. You could get slick with it and after that bit of Japanese text you paste in put an engine or body code to be sure to only get the ones you need. Or if you are a reseller you can just browse through all the ones there to see if there is any really nice ones.
Mines VX-Rom tunes


I have items in my account.. Now what??

You probably have at some point had this question if you are bidding on and winning auctions.

"I cant seem to figure out the winning items I have won?. is there a place I can keep track of things? Ive won items , does that include shipping? When do you know if its been shipped out?"

If so then you are not alone. Today's blog post is to give you a play by play on how to navigate your account and the features that bidJDM has programmed in.

If you go to your account then click on My Bids, and then won in at bidJDM and you will get the list of the won items. You have complete control of when and how the items are shipped out. You can click the packages you want and then click view package details. This will tell you the weight, size and shipping price to your registered address. When you decide on what items you want to be shipped together you can choose your packages and add them to your shopping cart. Once that is done you can go to checkout where you will see the amount you have already paid and the amounts left to be paid to finalize the transaction. When the order is complete we print your shipping labels, send your package and update you with tracking information.


Translating and figuring out auctions like a pro

Although the online translator translates the words of Japanese in to English it does not translate the language very well. You will need to do a little inferring from the English to get the meaning. Here is an example. As you can see when you click the "Translate to English" button you will get a full page translation of the auction page in a pop up. There you will be able to see the seller's description in English. I have numbered each line to give some explanation on how I would interpret it. Here it is;

1. This time the prize of this one thank you for viewing.
2. The [ekimani] used item JZX100 system of HKS make
3. It is the used item, the crack it is corrected, but it is corrected cleanly.
4. Because it is the used item, only the one which has understanding please bid.
5. Because it is the used item, it is [nonkuremu] non-returning.
6. Method of dispatching becomes only Sakawa urgent flight postage cash on arrival.

1. This is a standard greeting and as you can see its basically saying, "Thank you for viewing my auction."
2. Here there is some strange language. First ekimani, the placement of it in the sentence tells me its the subject so it mus be the auction item, Exhaust Manifold. In Japanese it is called ekimani. Anyway, its a used item. It is also saying only people who understand (that it is used) should bid.
3. This says again it is used and there is a crack that was corrected. This can be understood as fixed, and cleanly fixed at that.
4. It says again that item is used and only people knowing this should bid. This is common because there is no culture of returning goods in Japan, and there probably never will be.. So this seller as many others stress all over Japan say, it is used.
5. This says again, because it is used there can be nonkuremu, this actually means no claim in Japanese, and also no return.
6. The final sentence explains the method of shipping he will use to ship the item to bidJDM's warehouse.

Now that you have checked the description you want to check the quality of the seller. You can do this by clicking the Seller Rating: View. Then in the same fashion a popup will translate the feedback.

Points to look for here.
1. Does the seller have more than 100 feedback? You want to minimize your risk with bidding so you should only bid on veteran sellers within the system. Users of Yahoo can get feedback for only buying goods so you want to make sure that the Selling feedback is actually there and not just Buying feedback.
2. If there is negative feedback, click the negative feedback and you will get another translated view of the feedback. Check to see when the feedback was given. In many cases a user will have a negative feedback or two, its not uncommon. If there are more than 4 and they are very recent, its time to find another auction.

Hopefully these tips will help get you on the road to auction mastery with


The first bidJDM blog entry

Well, is officially off the ground and running now. People are bidding on and winning auctions and the major bugs have all been worked out. Its really pleasing to see that all the hard work finally paid off. Im a little unsure about the purpose of this blog but I thought that it would be a good way to offer little tidbits about using our site, search styles and how to find all the little auction goodies that you always wanted.. and some that you never knew existed too (^_^)

First off, the ecu or engine computer. This is a very expensive part to replace but can be found used on Yahoo Japan for pennies! Seriously these things are very very cheap. Rom tunes and all of the other ECU computers are super super cheap.

From the Computers category on you will be able to navigate to the maker of your desired vehicle. Once you are in the maker category you can proceed to search the engine code or vehicle body number and choose from the drop down "Search within this category". This will allow you to search only the maker that you have navigated to and increase your chances of hitting the jack pot!!

Hopefully this info helps you in your quest for used JDM!!