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bidJDM holiday shipping schedule and free storage upgrades!

Hello and warm greetings from the bidJDM blog spot. As the year of the Dragon comes to a close, we hope that 2012 has been prosperous, rewarding and memorable for each of you. Wishing more of the good and less of the bad for everyone as we enter the long awaited 2013!
Once again, many thanks to those who given us insight, input, inspiration and those who have continued to support bidJDM!
It is that time of year in which the timing of orders is crucial when required for the Holiday Season.
bidJDM will be having our last Shipping day on the 25th of December and will resume back shipping on the 7th of January. Because of this, we are raising the amount of free storage days given on auctions in our warehouse. We are raising this to 17 free days of storage. From there you have 14 days of storage renewal.? This means you now have 31 days of possible storage in the bidJDM warehouse.
While we will not be shipping any orders between the 25th of Dec. and the 6th of January, we will be paying for and arranging for your auctions to come in to our warehouse during the whole winter break so please don't worry.

As the sun sets on the Dragon make sure to take care of those final things to properly finish off the year.


Find C’s quick shift units for sale

Welcome back to the blog. This will be a short one going out to all of you still looking for that legendary C's quick shifter. These are considered to have the best design for short shifters in terms of giving you the fastest shift times! While our brothers and sisters at RHDJapan will tell you they cannot get them because the manufacturer has long gone out of business this does not stop us at the bidJDM from ferreting them out for you on the used auction market! With this link you will be able to search the current auctions for the C's quick shift units up for sale now!

Search link to find C's quick shift units

Please be sure to check out the cost calculator as this will be able to get you the full price for the auction shipped to you before you bid so there are no surprises.


Finding OEM S15 interior parts with bidJDM, its easy!!

We have been getting a lot of questions for links to search interior parts for cars. I will be doing a how to shortly, but in the mean time, if you are looking for OEM interior parts for a S15 and dont have access to a parts catalog, or don't want to pay for new parts here it is. This link will always bring you to the current auctions in bidJDM that are for S15, OEM and interior. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the cost calculator to be sure to understand the costs involved to your door. Knowing this will ensure you can get great deals with the system. Have fun!!

Here is the link

OEM S15 interior parts

buy interior S15 parts