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Welcome back to bidJDM and Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the bidJDM blog! We hope that you have started this new year off with a bang, we sure have! We wanted to say thank you for using our services over the holidays and hope that you were satisfied with all the items you have been winning. As our warehouse is back up to speed and running in real time again it is going to be time to wind down our free storage days back a normal storage calendar. We did have a massive positive response from you all to our updated storage schedule so we decided to only reduce it by 3 days. Once you are emailed that the bid is checked in to our processing warehouse you will have 7 free days of storage.? But from there you will be able to renew it 3 times for 21 more days of storage renewal.? This means you now have 28 days of possible storage in the bidJDM warehouse.

Thank you for your support!

bidJDM team