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Looking for Discontinued NISMO parts!

Today we are going to look for some discontinued Nismo Side Winkers for the Nissan R33. There are a lot of boot leg units out there but with you can get genuine Nismo parts that have been laying dormant in old store rooms and are just being put on the web for sale. These types of things come around once in a while and when they do you have to jump on them because they might not come again for many many weeks.

The part numbers we are going to look for are these;


But Im going to show you how to look for them without the part number to ensure that you will find exactly what you need.

Here is the path we follow;

Automobiles, motorbikes ›› Part ›› light ›› Classified by automaker ›› For Nissan ›› Winker, side marker

And here is the video;

Sample price breakdown of prices in Japanese yen.

Weight 1.5 kg
Length 25 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 25 cm

Final bid price: 3,800
Final bid fee (20%): 760
Handling fee: 1,740

Air shipping to customer's door: 3,200

Total 9,500 or 102 USD is run and owned by RHDJapan. We are qualified to ship these, get them cleared through customs and delivered directly to your door. Any questions, please contact us!

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