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Find 20b rotary and Mazda Speed Parts Cheap!

Just browsing and I found a Mazda Speed Dry sump 20b eccentric shaft kit!! Brand new!!!

Sample price breakdown of prices in Japanese yen.

Weight 12.5 kg
Length 100 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 50 cm

Final bid price: 119,999
Final bid fee (20%): 23,999
Handling fee: 2,370

Air shipping to customer's door: 26,363

ZR03-11-S90 is the Mazda Speed part number for the Dry sump 20b eccentric shaft! Its price was 580,000 when it was still being sold. Its discontinued now!

Total 172,731 or 1,877 USD

Not bad for a part you would never be able to find otherwise!! is run and owned by RHDJapan. We are qualified to ship these, get them cleared through customs and delivered directly to your door. Any questions, please contact us!

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