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It’s a kitty kitty World !It’s a kitty kitty World !

Hello and welcome back to the  bidJDM Blog post for your weekly dose of weird items!

I am sure you all have seen Hello Kitty items around and perhaps you wondered where to get them. Here in Japan there are shops fully dedicated to this character full of all sorts of Hello Kitty goodies!

If you wonder what type of items are found in these stores, take a look around you, just about any item you can imagine or see has an equivalent of the Hello Kitty version!

So much so,  I could use Hello Kitty goodies all day, here is what my day would look like :

If you don't believe me look at that link category on bidJDM,  and here are the katakana if you want to look at it by yourself :  ハロー キティ

Get up and get dressed.

Going to work.

Lit a cigarette before starting working

At office I keep my coffee warm

Showing off my strap to my co-workers ^_^

Checking the time as today time seems to be really slow  :

Listen to the radio from my computer while writing this blog :

After work I stop by the driving range :

At home I cook some veggies and played with Nano Legos while watching TV...


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