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Time to wind your watchIl est temps de remettre les pendules a l’heure

Hello and welcome back to Blog!

Once again, I won't bend the rules and give to you a review on a particular item or a glimpse of all the different versions that you can only find on

Today I wanted to talk to you about watches. You might find it surprising but the arrival of the mobile phones in our daily lives set a crisis for the watch market. Just, as always, the luxury ones were spared and it makes sense as now you chose your watch for special occasion as you used to do for jewels and cuff-links some times.

So what about an Armani one for Mister, and a Cartier one for Madame?

As a watch can be used to express who you are and you might be tempted by a Zodiac watch if you are a keen movie-goer as it will remind you the eponymous D. Fincher movie

If you wanted to check your watch during daily training, you might be interested in a watch that keeps an eye on your heart pace during your jogging!

If you are a tuning fan, you can show it off and make sure the color of your watch fits with the one you chose for your gauges!

Of course, this series wouldn't be complete without any animation or unusual item, and here in the name of One Piece, you can have a LED watch with a funny way to read the time!

And last but not least here is my top choice :

Since I am in Japan, I realize that our old fashion calculator+watch combo was here still very present and easy to find! Here this special kind of watch which really looks like it isn't old at all, so if you have even just a tiny piece of nostalgia, this kind of watch is just a click ahead!

We will see you next week, here, for a new series of item from Japan to be delivered directly on your laps!


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