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Hello and welcome back to bidJDM blog!

Lets get back to basics! We were all very influenced by Japan when we were young whether we know it or not. Example,  Anime on the TV, video games, all those consoles we dreamed of and could never afford, and those tiny mini pocket games we always brought with us wherever we went!?

Admit it or not, I am sure you all remember at least a little,  ^_^!  Today, be happy, it is revenge day, er, I mean, time to check out all those things that were way too expensive to get back in the day!

First of all, lets check the Super Nintendo, or to some, a Super Fami-com, (a Japanese-ified way to say super family computer) I always wanted to play Mario for hours, without having to interrupt to lend it to my brother! Haha, or go to the bathroom, or go to dinner ^_^

1$ ? hmmm I think that nowadays I can afford this!

But I really really loved the pocket games, and it is so small and so light that I am going to purchase several to enjoy fully the discounted shipping fees.

Here is the category

Anyway, there are tones of these bits all over bidJDM, come on! Explore your inner geek!!

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