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Welcome back to bidJDM and Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the bidJDM blog! We hope that you have started this new year off with a bang, we sure have! We wanted to say thank you for using our services over the holidays and hope that you were satisfied with all the items you have been winning. As our warehouse is back up to speed and running in real time again it is going to be time to wind down our free storage days back a normal storage calendar. We did have a massive positive response from you all to our updated storage schedule so we decided to only reduce it by 3 days. Once you are emailed that the bid is checked in to our processing warehouse you will have 7 free days of storage.? But from there you will be able to renew it 3 times for 21 more days of storage renewal.? This means you now have 28 days of possible storage in the bidJDM warehouse.

Thank you for your support!

bidJDM team


bidJDM holiday shipping schedule and free storage upgrades!

Hello and warm greetings from the bidJDM blog spot. As the year of the Dragon comes to a close, we hope that 2012 has been prosperous, rewarding and memorable for each of you. Wishing more of the good and less of the bad for everyone as we enter the long awaited 2013!
Once again, many thanks to those who given us insight, input, inspiration and those who have continued to support bidJDM!
It is that time of year in which the timing of orders is crucial when required for the Holiday Season.
bidJDM will be having our last Shipping day on the 25th of December and will resume back shipping on the 7th of January. Because of this, we are raising the amount of free storage days given on auctions in our warehouse. We are raising this to 17 free days of storage. From there you have 14 days of storage renewal.? This means you now have 31 days of possible storage in the bidJDM warehouse.
While we will not be shipping any orders between the 25th of Dec. and the 6th of January, we will be paying for and arranging for your auctions to come in to our warehouse during the whole winter break so please don't worry.

As the sun sets on the Dragon make sure to take care of those final things to properly finish off the year.


Find C’s quick shift units for sale

Welcome back to the blog. This will be a short one going out to all of you still looking for that legendary C's quick shifter. These are considered to have the best design for short shifters in terms of giving you the fastest shift times! While our brothers and sisters at RHDJapan will tell you they cannot get them because the manufacturer has long gone out of business this does not stop us at the bidJDM from ferreting them out for you on the used auction market! With this link you will be able to search the current auctions for the C's quick shift units up for sale now!

Search link to find C's quick shift units

Please be sure to check out the cost calculator as this will be able to get you the full price for the auction shipped to you before you bid so there are no surprises.


Finding OEM S15 interior parts with bidJDM, its easy!!

We have been getting a lot of questions for links to search interior parts for cars. I will be doing a how to shortly, but in the mean time, if you are looking for OEM interior parts for a S15 and dont have access to a parts catalog, or don't want to pay for new parts here it is. This link will always bring you to the current auctions in bidJDM that are for S15, OEM and interior. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the cost calculator to be sure to understand the costs involved to your door. Knowing this will ensure you can get great deals with the system. Have fun!!

Here is the link

OEM S15 interior parts

buy interior S15 parts


Everybody loves Sailor Moon

Hello and welcome back to bidJDM's Blog!

Here summer is hot hot hot, the rainy season is over and took away with her all the remaining clouds in the sky.

I am sure that many among you remember perfectly the anime series Sailor Moon, girls do maybe because they realized it is possible to wear red boot AND be elegant, guys most likely because of the *design of the heroes!

Whether you collect items for the nostalgic feeling you get, or if you like to run to the convention wearing costumes of your favorites characters, you should, once more be able to find it all on

This can easily put some fun in a gloomy office!

This phone card can please those who collect phone cards and Sailor Moon greatest fan!

Everything you can dream about for a perfect cosplay is also available on bidJDM, and whatever your budget is, you'll find something for you!

Here are the accessories  :

Lets meet here soon for new introductions to what you can find on bidJDM!

you can find a lot of Sailor Moon items there : Sailor Moon


Exploring the inner geek of the 30 something crowd!

Hello and welcome back to bidJDM blog!

Lets get back to basics! We were all very influenced by Japan when we were young whether we know it or not. Example,  Anime on the TV, video games, all those consoles we dreamed of and could never afford, and those tiny mini pocket games we always brought with us wherever we went!?

Admit it or not, I am sure you all remember at least a little,  ^_^!  Today, be happy, it is revenge day, er, I mean, time to check out all those things that were way too expensive to get back in the day!

First of all, lets check the Super Nintendo, or to some, a Super Fami-com, (a Japanese-ified way to say super family computer) I always wanted to play Mario for hours, without having to interrupt to lend it to my brother! Haha, or go to the bathroom, or go to dinner ^_^

1$ ? hmmm I think that nowadays I can afford this!

But I really really loved the pocket games, and it is so small and so light that I am going to purchase several to enjoy fully the discounted shipping fees.

Here is the category

Anyway, there are tones of these bits all over bidJDM, come on! Explore your inner geek!!


Time to wind your watch

Hello and welcome back to Blog!

Once again, I won't bend the rules and give to you a review on a particular item or a glimpse of all the different versions that you can only find on

Today I wanted to talk to you about watches. You might find it surprising but the arrival of the mobile phones in our daily lives set a crisis for the watch market. Just, as always, the luxury ones were spared and it makes sense as now you chose your watch for special occasion as you used to do for jewels and cuff-links some times.

So what about an Armani one for Mister, and a Cartier one for Madame?

As a watch can be used to express who you are and you might be tempted by a Zodiac watch if you are a keen movie-goer as it will remind you the eponymous D. Fincher movie

If you wanted to check your watch during daily training, you might be interested in a watch that keeps an eye on your heart pace during your jogging!

If you are a tuning fan, you can show it off and make sure the color of your watch fits with the one you chose for your gauges!

Of course, this series wouldn't be complete without any animation or unusual item, and here in the name of One Piece, you can have a LED watch with a funny way to read the time!

And last but not least here is my top choice :

Since I am in Japan, I realize that our old fashion calculator+watch combo was here still very present and easy to find! Here this special kind of watch which really looks like it isn't old at all, so if you have even just a tiny piece of nostalgia, this kind of watch is just a click ahead!

We will see you next week, here, for a new series of item from Japan to be delivered directly on your laps!


It’s a kitty kitty World !

Hello and welcome back to the  bidJDM Blog post for your weekly dose of weird items!

I am sure you all have seen Hello Kitty items around and perhaps you wondered where to get them. Here in Japan there are shops fully dedicated to this character full of all sorts of Hello Kitty goodies!

If you wonder what type of items are found in these stores, take a look around you, just about any item you can imagine or see has an equivalent of the Hello Kitty version!

So much so,  I could use Hello Kitty goodies all day, here is what my day would look like :

If you don't believe me look at that link category on bidJDM,  and here are the katakana if you want to look at it by yourself :  ハロー キティ

Get up and get dressed.

Going to work.

Lit a cigarette before starting working

At office I keep my coffee warm

Showing off my strap to my co-workers ^_^

Checking the time as today time seems to be really slow  :

Listen to the radio from my computer while writing this blog :

After work I stop by the driving range :

At home I cook some veggies and played with Nano Legos while watching TV...


At the office, I show off with my bentos!!

Hello and welcome to blog! Today I am going to talk to you about food!

Whomever comes to Japan has to eat in Japan! Whatever it is, from sushi to fugu, from yakitori to takoyaki... You really have to do this because outside of Japan Japanese food can just barely imitate the real deal Japanese food here in Japan. Japanese. That being said, there is a specialty item that is fun and easy to use for anyone that can be used anywhere and can lively up your lunch as well as Japanese-afy it. I am talking about bento boxes and accessories!! Bentos are meal boxes to hold your lunch when you are out of the house.

If bentos are famous all over the world, it is not only because it is typically Japanese, but also because it offers the opportunity to turn your meal into an artist's masterpiece like these for example.

 In order to make it, you'll need some tools to give the rice a nice shape!

Maki animal shape

Or easier, some star form, or tulip form ...

In order to give a life to the rice, you'll need a pattern punch that you will use with some nori (seeweed) sheets.:

 If you want to go further in your lunchtime fantasy, you can use this machine that changes the shape of the yellow of hard boiled eggs.

And of course, all this is totally useless if you don't have the proper box, women, men and children, 3 categories like for clothes :

for ladies :

For men :

For kids, kitty is never far away :

But among those who have their bentos every lunch break, there is also those who are always on the road, visiting customers, those for whom the car is a real second house. And you will realize that eaingt a cold bento everyday might be really boring.

But luckily, we are in Japan, and this is Japan :

Yeah, you guessed it, you can warm your lunch while you are in your car!

I am pretty sure that you now have the munchies after seeing all those great bento lunches, so I invite you to click on the link to browse the related category on

I see you all soon here with some brand new ideas!!


Daruma & Maneki Neko

Hello and Welcome back to bidJDM's Blog!

Today it is not going to be about a matsuri, I really want to talk to you what you will find in about every house in Japan. It is two kind of statuettes, one represents what is named a Daruma, Buddhist origin it protects your house and make your wishes come true!

This statuette is traditionally sold with no eyes, you have to draw it yourself, one eye at a time, the first one when you activate your Daruma and ask it for a wish, the second eye, when your wish comes true! Usually if your wish haven't been realized by the end of the year, you turn it back to the temple that it came from during Ôshogatsu (festivities for the new year) and it will be burned. Then you purchase a new one and try again in order to show the gods (kami-sama) that you are really determined to find a way to make your dreams come true.

Maneki neko,

I am sure you know what is a Maneki Neko, it is this little white cat with a paw up! You may think it is saying 'bye bye' to you but this is wrong! The basic meaning of Maneki Neko is 'Inviting cat' and depending on which paw is up, he is inviting either customers or money!

That is the reason why it is so common to find some close to the cashier at many shops you go in to here in Japan. That is why even if you find it useless it is a Must Have if you wish to have a tiny part of the country of the rising sun at your place! And as Always with Japan, there will be some crazy applications for it, and bidJDM can provide you with it!

You just have to follow the links :


maneki neko

My top choice would be this Daruma-kitty. It is a bit like a two in one, as the name Hello Kitty would come from a wrong basic translation of the Cat-That-Says-Hello that is an possible interpretation for Maneki-Neko.

This Daruma is hiding a safety camera :

Mickey and Minnie are part of it!

You can try to turn yourself into a Daruma for halloween !

And if you are a bit nostalgic of the Lego of your childhood, try the NanoBlocks!

If you want a real one, but a BIG one, you can have it :

Regarding the Maneki Neko, the choice is less narrow, there are T-Shirts, straps for your phone, Tea pots, and so much more ... But if you want a basic statuette, then you'll have to chose how many legs should be up, the color of the cat, mainly white, but Black and golden are also common, and if this is supposed to be a savings bank or not ...

The Tea Pot !

And if choices become to hard, you know you can gather multiple item into the same shipment thanks to the 21 days window bidJDM gives you, or you can find a set like this one, solve the problem and receive something, unique, Japanese, traditional, and get it shipped directly to your house, from the comfort of your living room!

for those among you who are interested in Maneki-Neko and want/will visit Tokyo, the main Maneki Temple is 12 minutes away from Shinjuku station, on the Odakyu line, stop by Gotokuji, you won't regret it !!

Feel like you're soon going to be ready for a post regarding the craziest Hello Kitty item Japan has never made, so please stay tuned and see you there soon!!!